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AWS CodePipeline

CodePipeline is a specification of how your code runs out to production. What it does is connecting source code with a builder (optional) and a deployment platform. For example, you can set it to trigger a deploy to AWS Beanstalk when a Github repository is updated. And with its 1$ / month, it’s practically free to use. However, CodePipeline is…

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git cheatsheet

git is genious. Hands down brilliant. Every 6 months or so, I come across another command I didn’t know I needed before I needed it. And those regular ones I type all the time. So here’s a small collection of handy git aliases that saves some typing and/or remembering.

Git repo on FTP-server

Often, you have to deal with limited web hotels that only provide a customly made (and usually poor) administration page, FTP- and SQL-access. How can you, on a cheap web hotel, use git without ssh access? If you’re comfortable giving your git-password and ftp-password to a third party, using deployhq is a simple and better alternative to…

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git: Pull and checkout a remote branch

Say you have a branch on github, and you want pull it down onto your own machine? ok git checkout -b branch_name origin/branch_name It works fine just checking out a new branch with a matching name, given you have the appropriate (default) matching setting, and you have pulled since the branch was created on origin. git…

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