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Dads python3-to-exe guide

Dad is a good guy. But he ain’t like

virtualenv -p $(pyenv which python3) .venv, then pip install -r requirements.txt? NP, SON!

He’s more like

When I double click the python file, cmd flashes and I bluescreen.

So he needs an exe file. Here’s a general snippet for converting python3 to exe

virtualenv -p $(pyenv which python3) .venv
pip install cx_Freeze

Then, the two files in this gist, and run (from the same directory):

python build

Voila! Your executables should be in the ./build folder

Ouch: The executables can only be run on the same OS as they’re built :(
Ouch2: It’s not 1 executable. It’s more like 1000 files + 1 executables that all should be run together. 


tomfa • 2017-10-22

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