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Create Elastic Beanstalk app with Java 8

Beanstalk is quite nice. And the awsebcli looks nice too, along with its documentation and the example guide at pypi. You can deploy straight from a local git repo in one command. You can have each branch go to a separate Beanstalk environments. So I tested it, and here are my notes: Edit: If you want to learn this,…

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk

“By using Elastic Beanstalk, developers can focus on developing their application and are freed from deployment-oriented tasks, such as provisioning servers, setting up load balancing, or managing scaling.” – AWS. Here’s a few general notes on what AWS Elastic Beanstalk (or just Beanstalk) is, pricing etc.

Send AWS EC2 logs to Slack

I have a Java app that runs on an regular Linux (EC2) instance, and logs to some folder on that machine. What I want is for Slack to be notified if any error occurs in the logs. This is possible through CloudWatch in almost all regions. Let me show you how!

Send AWS CloudWatch Alarms to Slack

I have a few servers on AWS. Some information on those, e.g. high load, would be nice to be notified of. Preferably on Slack. How do I do that?

Add S3 bucket + CloudFront using Terraform (example)

Case: I have some frontend app that consists of static files, e.g. a React app packed with WebPack. I want to deploy it to S3, with CloudFront in front of it. (Optional) I also want index.html to be rendered when other paths are requested (such as /food/cake-is-best), and for the site to return 200 status instead of 404.

AWS CodePipeline

CodePipeline is a specification of how your code runs out to production. What it does is connecting source code with a builder (optional) and a deployment platform. For example, you can set it to trigger a deploy to AWS Beanstalk when a Github repository is updated. And with its 1$ / month, it’s practically free to use. However, CodePipeline is…

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Adding Freshdesk to Slack

Adding slack as an app in Freshdesk allows you to use observers and dispatcher in freshdesk to notify / recieve data from Slack. First, add Slack as an app to Freshdesk Login to your Freshdesk Click Admin > Apps > Get more apps Search for slack Add it to your team and channel Add an…

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Startup workflow toolkit

In my imagined startup, everything is running so smooth. You don’t need to check anything, you just develop, create, work and do. Anything you should know, comes to you automatically – automated input; and any task that can be automated, is – automated output. You’re not the computer – the computer is. Automated input 1. I need…

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Porting a React app to Phonegap

If you already have a React web app, and consider porting it to a proper phone app, you should consider using React Native. However, you could also use PhoneGap/Cordova, which is done in a heartbeat: How?

git cheatsheet

git is genious. Hands down brilliant. Every 6 months or so, I come across another command I didn’t know I needed before I needed it. And those regular ones I type all the time. So here’s a small collection of handy git aliases that saves some typing and/or remembering.

ES6 notes

A summary of the key takeaways from CodeSchools “ES2015: The Shape of JavaScript to Come”.

Javascripts var, let, and const

Remember var from the ES5 and previously? It had this weird thing, where JavaScript would move the declaration to the top of the function behind the scenes, called hoisting. Usually no one noticed, but once in a while it would create a bug that could be hard to spot.

Converting SVG to PNG with Javascript cross browser

I promise I tried to do it with client-side Javascript only. And I promise I won’t try again before 2020. Google returns so many optimistic answers, that on the bottom has a disclaimer: “This does not work with Safari”, or “This crashes IE9”, or just no disclaimer. But don’t believe  them: It can’t be done. JUST…

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D3 + article combo ideas

The national budget illustrated with d3. There’s so much quantitative, hierarchical delicious graphable data in the budget, and it’s a document that deserves more attention than it gets. Illustrate it intuitively with d3.js, and you’ve done the world a favor. What’s up with the economy? (in d3) I realised that an increase in automation by introducing computers…

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Set index.html as default file on S3 bucket

aws s3 website $MY_BUCKET_NAME –index-document index.html

React intro notes

A handful notes from the React intro tutorial (which is available at

How to add hubot to slack

Simple notes on how to install hubot and add it to Slack

grep middle of file (unix)

How to grep tails and head

Awesome webdeveloper links

Just a collection of links that allow you to create webpages faster or simpler or sexier.

AWS rules of thumb notes

Load balancer + auto scaling EC2 instances in different Availability Zones is pretty fucking awesome. It allows you to auto scale = pay for what you need. It gives you uptime even if a whole availability zone goes offline. You can have SSL-termination in the Load Balancer. It’s nice. Use it. A set of servers in a…

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