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Finding Javascript memory leaks with Chrome Developer tools

Check out for an interactive video on this topic.

Profiling JavaScript in Chrome Developer Tools

Open devtools Select Profiles Select Collect JavaScript CPU Profile Click Start Do the (typically slow) things you wish to record Click Stop You now got a table of functions, and CPU time they consumed. On the right hand side of the table, you got a link to the js file and its line number of the function that is…

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Chromes Awesome Developer Tools

Here is a great talk about them Chrome tools. You can emulate reduced network speed You can emulate other device You can force states (:active etc) for elements You can smartprint objects You can group console logging You can time sections of the code or timestamp all logging You can insert debugger stops debugger; You can…

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Chrome-addon: statistics

Hvor mange timer bruker du på hvilke nettsider? Fordeler og ulemper – Begrenset nytteverdi – Ikke noe nytt: Time tracker, Time Counter + Samtidig: Noe å evaluere opp mot + Lære Google chrome API.