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Finding Javascript memory leaks with Chrome Developer tools

Check out for an interactive video on this topic.

Chromes Awesome Developer Tools

Here is a great talk about them Chrome tools. You can emulate reduced network speed You can emulate other device You can force states (:active etc) for elements You can smartprint objects You can group console logging You can time sections of the code or timestamp all logging You can insert debugger stops debugger; You can…

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Monitor-driven development

Monitor-driven or Metric-driven development (MDD). It’s becoming more and more relevant parallell with continuous delivery, devops etc, and I think it’s super awesome. Stop finding bugs. Instead, log properly, and monitor where and in what situations error logs are being created. Has there been a sudden increase in a certain type of errors? Get told! Stop checking if…

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Fresh Macbook and a set of neat tools

I recently bought a Macbook Pro Retina (Late 2014) with 128 GB of storage. I thought that if I needed 256 GB, I could just buy a regular SSD and swap them. Turns out i can’t. Or.. I can, but it’s a special SSD that costs a third of a new Mac. And I just…

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Facebook: Invite all friends to event

So you have created an event, and wish to invite all your friends (or all friends in a circle), but don’t want to manually click all of them? Open the event in Chrome Click invite Friends and select the group (or let it stay in search for all) Scroll down to the end of the…

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