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Adding Freshdesk to Slack

Adding slack as an app in Freshdesk allows you to use observers and dispatcher in freshdesk to notify / recieve data from Slack. First, add Slack as an app to Freshdesk Login to your Freshdesk Click Admin > Apps > Get more apps Search for slack Add it to your team and channel Add an…

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Startup workflow toolkit

In my imagined startup, everything is running so smooth. You don’t need to check anything, you just develop, create, work and do. Anything you should know, comes to you automatically – automated input; and any task that can be automated, is – automated output. You’re not the computer – the computer is. Automated input 1. I need…

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Using FreshDesk API

After starting to write this note, I realize Freshdesk have ridiculously good guides on this. This page does not serve much purpose except this link, as well as this link to JavaScript Freshdesk API repo. How to use Freshdesk API 1. Get your API-key It’s on your profile settings pane (click on your profile picture). The actions done with that API-key,…

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