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bash backup of webserver (FTP and SQL)

Quick and dirty backup from remote SQL and FTP server Introduction The following is a quick and dirty, simple implementation of a backup from mysql-db and ftp-available file area that . It uses git (though this is not really how git ought to be used), and transfers files securely, but not the database-dump. In other…

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Git repo on FTP-server

Often, you have to deal with limited web hotels that only provide a customly made (and usually poor) administration page, FTP- and SQL-access. How can you, on a cheap web hotel, use git without ssh access? If you’re comfortable giving your git-password and ftp-password to a third party, using deployhq is a simple and better alternative to…

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Mount FTP-server in debian using curlftpfs

Mounting remote ftp The following will mount your remote FTP-location in /mnt/my_ftp. Note that FTP is not secure, and you should combine this with a secure session. sudo curlftpfs -o allow_other ftp-user:ftp-pass@server_ip /mnt/my_ftp/ Unmounting ftp You’ll probably have to sudo this, depending on who mounted it where. fusermount -u /mnt/my_ftp_folder

Automatic MySQL and FTP backup

Want to backup Case: I have a WordPress page that stores stuff in MySQL database. I want to schedule a backup of the page, so that I am able to restore the page even if the file area is blanked out and the database has mysteriously disappeared. I want the schedule to run, say, every…

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SFTP in Finder

OK, so here’s the thing. I use a Mac and I edit files located on a server somewhere on the Internet. I want to have the files and folders on that server mounted in Finder, so I can easily navigate and edit those files without having to up- and download files manually. Since I don’t…

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