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Prettier Javascript

A side note: A-Prettier-Formatter should be read. And if you’re using Javascript, Prettier should be tested (especially if you’re using JSX). Because Eslint made the world a better place, but Prettier could make the lint warnings go away entirely, while keeping everyone happy. Thumbs up!

AWS S3 and CloudFront workshop

Last week, I held an AWS workshop on how to host a (dummy) React app there, in S3 and with CloudFront. If you’d like to learn what I taught the others, a github repo is available at

Porting a React app to Phonegap

If you already have a React web app, and consider porting it to a proper phone app, you should consider using React Native. However, you could also use PhoneGap/Cordova, which is done in a heartbeat: How?

React intro notes

A handful notes from the React intro tutorial (which is available at