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Building a better bootstrap

These are my notes from Build a Better Bootstrap, by Tim G. Thomas. It’s a good talk. Just not good notes. Overflow: hidden; (Or clear:both?) Can help with those fesky times where an outer container doesn’t wraps around the inner elements. box-sizing: border-box; What this does, is include padding and border in the width of an…

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7 ineffective coding habits

Notes from Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers by Kevlin Henney 1. We clutter our code (with comments) Comments are ignored by the compiler. They are also ignored by programmers. So who’s the audience? Reading comments is like a sign of defeat, so it might be useful if your code is uncomprehensable in the first place. But then,…

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Clean Code III: Functions

This post is an my interpretation of the teachings in Robert C. Martins Clean Code III: Functions. Functions should do one thing You can tell that a function is doing more than one thing if you can extract a function from it with a meaningful name that is not merely a restatement of its implementation. Make…

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