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Fresh Macbook and a set of neat tools


See also 2020 version

I recently bought a Macbook Pro Retina (Late 2014) with 128 GB of storage. I thought that if I needed 256 GB, I could just buy a regular SSD and swap them. Turns out i can’t. Or.. I can, but it’s a special SSD that costs a third of a new Mac. And I just bought one! I can’t even afford milk! Anyhow, here’s a **list of software that I “need” **as a software kind of guy:

  • Slack - the best team communication platform
  • Dropbox - having my data stored safely is just really neat. Also need it for collaboration some times
  • Google Drive - same as with Dropbox.
  • Sublime Text - best editor.
  • PyCharm - best ‘heavy’ python editor.
  • WebStorm - best ‘heavy’ javascript editor.
  • TotalFinder - Honestly just for cmd-x to cut
  • Alfred - I don’t have words. It’s an awesome utility must-have.
  • 1Pass - Never have to remember passwords again.
  • Spectacle - window manager for OS X.
  • Skype - Talking with people (though I try to use when possible)
  • Spotify - Musicplayer
  • Balsamiq - Making sketches and mockups for costumers
  • Flux - Adjusts the screen lightning to make late night coding more pleasant
  • FileZilla - FTP Client
  • Sequel Pro - SQL client
  • HomeBrew - need it for all these awesome things
    • brew install git
    • brew install node
    • npm install -g grunt-cli gulp