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Notes && Anecdotes


This replaces PowerPoint for me: native to the web, simpler, with an open-source variant.

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People still call presentations or slides for powerpoints. That’s kind of funny. This could be an anecdote about that, but it’s not. I’m about to make some slides, and I wonder what applications to use. So here’s some notes instead. I googled around, and liked these two:

The first is really the visual editor implementation of the other, so it’s kind of like I just found one thing.

I’m not so fond of impress or prezi, because they’re just TOO nice. It’s like I’m trying to impress when I use them. And no one is impressive when they try to impress, because then they obviously spent too much time on it.

There’s a bunch of HTML5/JS presentation tools, similar reveal, like which was the next best thing I found, as well as a whole many other similar ones. I realize most of them are basically just some nice css + js that allows you to use arrows to skip between “slides”. Perhaps I should make another one? Looks like fun :)