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Notes && Anecdotes
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React intro notes


A handful notes from the React intro tutorial (which is available at

  • A components render method is called when its state changes
  • A components getInitialState method is called once, when the component is setup
  • A components componentDidMount method is called once, after the component is rendered for the first time

Oh, wait. They’re actually all here…

I’ll talk about something else then:

Learning React & Redux is hard.

  • It breaks conventions, so nothing you thought you knew about JavaScript do you any good.
  • It’s going to be a hard transition, especially if you only knew ES5. Because there’s so much (delicious) syntactic sugar in ES6.
  • It’s going to be hard to distinguish ES6-magic from JSX-magic from React-magic.
  • And when you throw Redux in the mix, it’s all of a sudden not only magic, but weird. And clean. And clumsy. At the same time. Good luck. Help can be given at: