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Notes && Anecdotes
Photo by @sevcovic23 on UnsplashPhoto by @sevcovic23 on Unsplash

A lunch about marketing


I’ve just had lunch with a previous Agency & Client partner at Facebook. Here’s what I learned.

Klaviyo is a good place to start for a marketing platform.

Klaviyo is a tool to segment users, and send emails, sms and push notifications. You can upload segments to Facebook, and target those with a certain message. Klaviyo is a decent and cheap tool that will serve you well initially.

You cannot target groups of < 200 people

Yes, you can target your existing users specifically. But due to privacy laws you cannot target groups of < 200 people (in Facebook).

You need to be able to reach your customers.

You don’t really need to know who is your target audience

Set up Facebook tracking, and they’ll learn who to target within ~50-100 convertions.

You don’t need to know which segment will buy your product.

> 1% is a good convertion rate

Both from ads -> click, and from click -> sale. This number is obviously oversimplified, and depends on your business but it’s a rule of thumb.

1% is the convertion goal

There is no such thing as cost per click ads

You will see “CPC” marketed and pushed, but it makes no sense for ad platforms to get paid per click. They cannot sell a click. They sell a view or an impression, and it’s your responsibility to get that to convert.

YOU need to get your ads to convert well.

Facebook ads are push, while Google is pull

When you show Google ads, you’re hitting people who search for X. This means they’re likely highly motivated to pay for your product, but that there’s a limited pool of people to market to.

Facebook ads are push ads – they show up to people who are not in a setting where they’re looking for your product.

You should use Google ads as a “base”, while Facebook ads is the dial you turn on when needed

(If you’re in competition for certain search terms, you may end up in a bidding war. If you do, Google users may end up seeing two different ads, yours and a competitor – it then becomes extra important to have a known brand.)

Ads are more effective the less you use it

That sounds weird. But your effective CPC is higher the lower your marketing dial is set – because you’ll target the “safe” or “good” bets first. If you turn it up too high, Facebook will in effect show your ad to less likely buyers, or showing it multiple times for the same potential customer.

Keep your ad dial always on, and not too high.

Tech + Marketing = ♥️

Good marketing is impossible with collaboration with tech, and considering what to track where and how.

Good marketing depends on correct tracking.

Tracking must (should) be done server side

3rd party tracking in the browser or app are disappearing – kickstarted by iOS 14.5 privacy changes.

Therefore: set yourself up with server side tracking instead.