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Deploying GraphQL API to Google cloud


GraphQL API on google cloud


1. Deploying compiled Javascript

  • Add your compiled index.js file to packages.main field like this:
	"main": "lib/index.js"
  • Add your source code to .gcloudignore file, as this: src
  • Add your compiled folder (e.g. lib) to .gitignore
  • Add your compiled folder (e.g. lib) as included to .gcloudignore, as this: !lib

2. Deployment to region

Deployment is done with gcloud cli like this

gcloud functions deploy graphql --entry-point handle

Add the region flag to specify region, e.g. --region=europe-central2

3. Allow unauthenticated requests (public api)

Add to following flag to allow anyone to connect to your API:


4. Can’t determine Firebase Database URL.

You may have issues connecting to the database, returning this error. To resolve it, stop what you’re doing and migrate away from firebase.