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Notes && Anecdotes

Custom Slack slash commands

chatops hubot slack slash command

Imagine begin able to open Slack, and write

/info web

And then having a small bot on the other end saying

Daily stats:
Traffic         48212  (+10023)
4xx:            11.1%  (+9.8)
5xx             1.1%   (+0.1)
Latency avg     192ms  (+8)
Latency 90p     2012ms (+1209)

Or /app web to receive current deployed version and last deploy timestamp

Or /analytics web to receive most popular URLs.

Well that’s perfectly doable! Here’s a dummy slack slash command server git repo that demonstrates how to use slash commands in Slack.

It’s a part of a workshop on Slack and Hubot (Norwegian) me and a few others held at work..