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pip on python3: Can't decompress data; zlib not available


Getting pip3.4 to work

Want Python3.4 on your debian with virtualenv and pip? That’s what I wanted. However, I didn’t get pip automatically, and when I tried to install it, python gave me

“Can’t decompress data; zlib not available”

Spent a whole lot of time on this. Seems like installing 3.4 properly (with —with-zlib parameter when configuring) makes your life easier.

Step 1) Install Python3.4

tar -xvf Python-3.4.2.tgz
cd Python-3.4.2
./configure --with-zlib
sudo make
sudo make install

You should now have pip3.4, yes? and pyvenv-3.4? Good.

Step 2) make the virtualenv and activate it

Oh, yes. Python 3.4 comes with a virtualenv. It’s called pyvenv. It works like it used to (except no —distribute flag)

pyvenv env
source env/bin/activate