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Passbolt on AWS


This is a guide on how to set up Passbolt on Heroku using Docker image, shit, AWS using Elastic Beanstalk with Docker, fuck AWS EC2 with Terraform GOD DAMN IT… Droplets on Digital Ocean?

I tried Heroku first, but passbolt docker requires Volumes, which is not supported. I then went on to attempting AWS ELB with Docker, but it kept abruptly aborting without any useful errors. Close to giving up, I got some tracktion using Terraform and AWS EC2 instances + RDS, but got so frustrated when Passbolt didn’t out of the box support the default AWS Linux 2 AMI that I tried Digital Ocean Droplet. THAT worked like a CHARM!

Passbolt is an open source password manager for teams. The community version does not support storing files, but it’ll be enought for most. See for more info on differences against Hosted or Pro version (with files and folders).

Setup Passbolt on Digital Ocean

The passbolt guide can be found here. Just follow it, and give up on Passbolt Docker.


  • Sign up for Digital Ocean
  • Create an email address you can send from (e.g. and get the SMTP server, and password you can use to send from it.
  • Create a Droplet from the marketplace (search for passbolt)
  • Set up an A-record in your DNS records pointing to the IP you’re given, e.g. -->
  • Wait until the DNS is updated
  • SSH into the droplet, and go through the guide
  • Go to your newly setup domain name e.g.
  • Follow the guide (your DB url is