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Notes && Anecdotes

Likable videos on the internet.

  • Commit driven development

    Writing smaller commits is a constant practice that I feel often pays off. The Primeagens reflections on the topic is worth seeing (from 11:16, earlier parts are so so). Challenge: for your next feature, write commits messages first!
  • DRY does more harm than good

    «Please DRY up your code» is usually bad advice – abstraction creates coupling and complex code. I'd advocate ALRY – ALways Repeat Yourself (once). When that code has matured, you are in a better position to see if it's a matching concept that can be combined to common code – or if it's just accidentally similar.
  • React.js: The Documentary

    React.js: The Documentary is a 2015 documentary film about the React.js JavaScript library. Bring popcorn?
  • Speed: Performance vs Velocity vs Adaptability

    The speed of your app can be seen as a combination of performance (how fast the user experiences it), velocity (how fast you add features) and adaptability (how well suited code are for future changes). TLDR of the talk: Don't care about performance until it's a problem. Then measure, test and measure.
  • Typescript: don't use interfaces

    Use types instead of interfaces in Typescript. Except when you have to use interface. Note: This still applies after the 5.0 release with enum improvements (they are not bad instead of terrible).
  • Typescript: do not use enums

    Typescript enums are bad. Never use them, use a record as const instead.
  • «Most Leaders Don't Know the Game They're In»

    Care about the people in your life, friends and colleagues. Ask them for help when you need it, notice when things are off and then ask them how they're doing.
  • «Millenials in the workplace»

    Instant gratification in the cellphone generation takes focus away from things that require effort: building relationships, self-confidence, learning new skills and other meaningful stuff.
  • «Why Leaders Eat Last»

    Extend the circle of safety to the outer parts of the organisation. When employees feels safe and trusted, they can spend they energy being creative and productive.
  • «Leadership, trust and ownership»

    Guest leadership is about taking responsibility to try to solve a problem or task that is not your own (alone), without needing an invitation to do so. Increase trust and ownership by giving your team the freedom to own the outcome and trust to solve things their way.
  • React Conf 2017: A Prettier Printer

    While ESLint eliminated the need for people to talk about code conventions, Prettier can eliminate the need for people to think about code formatting. 10 000 thumbs up! I will never work for a company without autoformatting again.
  • GraphQL: Designing a Data Language

    GraphQL will replace REST, and the world with be a better place with end-to-end typing safety.
  • Chromes Awesome Developer Tools

    A tour of the Developer tools: emulate network speed. emulate devices. JS debugger. console log timing. profiler.
  • Building a better Bootstrap

    Many mini nuggets on CSS systems.,,,
  • 7 ineffective coding habits

    Don't write comments, don't write off the line, don't make complex methods with many parameters, don't do lousy encapsulation, don't make complex methods with many parameters, don't do lousy encapsulation, testing should be a reflection of your functions.
  • Clean Code III: Functions

    Functions should do 1 thing. And be short. With few args. Without comments.