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Quick http benchmarking with curl

From time to time, I’d like to see how the performance gain/loss was after a code change. Say I’ve updated locahost:8000/search and I’d like to do 100 http calls to localhost:8000/search?q=fish to see how it performs:

Boto3 – copying and creating files + cloudfront invalidations

A 1-2-3 on Python3 boto3 package with my most common operations

Dads python3-to-exe guide

Dad is a good guy. But he ain’t like virtualenv -p $(pyenv which python3) .venv, then pip install -r requirements.txt? NP, SON! He’s more like When I double click the python file, cmd flashes and I bluescreen. So he needs an exe file. Here’s a general snippet for converting python3 to exe

Adding a python API handler with serverless

Create an AWS Lambda function with Python3 and integrate with S3? Simple if you know how (though getting there is a bitch, I bet Amazon does this on purpose as a way to trick developers in on their certification-ride). I found how, copy-paste below.

Creating a Google Chrome Extension

I’ve heard multiple say that creating a chrome extension is about as easy as creating a static web page. Is it really? Here’s a step-by-step on how I created my first Trello-integrated chrome extension, almost like a simple and developer-friendly version of Momentum.

Prettier Javascript

A side note: A-Prettier-Formatter should be read. And if you’re using Javascript, Prettier should be tested (especially if you’re using JSX). Because Eslint made the world a better place, but Prettier could make the lint warnings go away entirely, while keeping everyone happy. Thumbs up!

CSS systems and principles

What’s wrong with CSS? How do you write scalable CSS? What’s the difference between SMACSS, BEM, OOCSS, SUIT CSS and Atomic Design? Here’s some opinionated thoughts on the confusing world of CSS.

Semantic vs Content-Independent CSS

Say you have a search form in the top right corner of your website, that looks something like the picture below. What should be the class name of a component? If you use semantic classes, you could name it something like “search” or even “header-search”, because it is how it’s used. If you use content-independent classes, you might call it…

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What skills does an it consultant need?

1. What skills are expected (or most valued/needed) from a person working as a software developer in your company? – Technical experience. Understanding of a techincal area is not expected, but highly valued. But everyone needs some level of understanding about programming, databases etc. – Eagerness about developing. You should be self-propelled: finding solutions and…

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How to add Web App Manifest

The manifest.json for web apps can make your mobile experience a bit sweeter. Force rotation? Check! Home screen icon? Check! Splash loading screen and no url bar? Check, check! Amount of work? 5 minutes!

Access Google Analytics API with OAuth token

Notes on adding a Google Service worker that enables you to query Google Analytics with an access token.

AWS S3 and CloudFront workshop

Last week, I held an AWS workshop on how to host a (dummy) React app there, in S3 and with CloudFront. If you’d like to learn what I taught the others, a github repo is available at

Getting started with Hubot + Slack

If Custom Slash commands weren’t enough for you, or if you are trapped behind a firewall without the option to make public endpoints, bots are a great way to make custom integrations with Slack. Anything you can program is doable to integrate with Slack, let me show you and get you started.

Custom Slack slash commands (on Heroku)

Imagine writing “/info web” in your Slack and receiving latency, percentage 4xx, 5xx errors from your webserver directly through Slack. Or “/app web” to receive current deployed version and last deploy timestamp. Or “/analytics web” to receive most popular URLs or number of visits. Well that’s perfectly doable!

Elastic Beanstalk with Terraform

If you haven’t already, try to add the Beanstalk application in your environment using only the eb command (see own post). What we do there, is making sure you have the correct setup for vpc and subnets. Once you’ve made sure that is OK, you can come here and try creating the application using terraform. That has…

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Elastic Beanstalk – In a VPC

“The EC2 instances failed to communicate with AWS Elastic Beanstalk”. FUDGE! Notes on how to successfully launch a Beanstalk instance in a VPC.

"GraphQL: Designing a Data Language" by Lee Byron on Strangeloop

Notes on GraphQL

A few notes on “GraphQL: Designing a Data Language” by Lee Byron. 

HTTPS for AWS CloudFront and AWS ELB

Wow, such easy, much free! A few simple steps on 1) How to obtain a certificate for your domain, and 2) how to use it on your CloudFront or Elastic Load Balancer.

Using AWS Route 53 and SES to handle DNS and e-mail

Some notes on using AWS for handling DNS and e-mail.

Build screen bootup

I have a “stupid computer” whos job is only to show a build screen. Its a debian, and I’d like for it to automatically reload the build page every 5 minutes, as well as enter the build screen in case of a reboot. Here’s one way to do it.

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